Wednesday, November 20, 2013
such a babe

such a babe

Saturday, August 24, 2013

What the fuck is this? I’m forever disappointed with K

Friday, August 2, 2013

myquestforselfparody99 said: I understand what you said, too. It's just weird how the girl who would never compromise her standards or her music suddenly has alcohol commercials in her videos and dances half-naked to her radio-friendly electro tunes. Its ok if she herself grew and came out of the "love is dead" funk, but does that really mean her song writing has to become less witty? I hope she finds a better label soon, one that allows her to be herself and gives her more freedom.

I agree with what you say. However I can’t blame her for promoting an alcohol brand, I mean, that’s how she got sponsored to actually make that video. 

Anonymous said: I completely agree with you. She preaches integrity but she has none. And I think you were referring to a blog she did in myspace but its gone now. Maybe she said that stuff in a video to I don't know. I don't think there will be a third album really she can't even make a second one and have it put out. Not trying to be negative just showing honesty.

Oh, that’s not what I was trying to say though. She’s not hypocritical, it’s only that she’s changed. Maybe she’s just going through a phase? And yes, it’s one of the myspace vlogs I was talking about. The only reason her second album’s release was so much delayed is because of her label. And I’m pretty positive there will be a 3rd album, as she’s mentioned she’s already working on it.

Anonymous said: That's ok, I undestand what you said. And I agree, she obviously changed. I'm excited to know what kind of thing she's working on now... I think it would give us a hint about the road she's going to walk in her career.

I kinda feel bad for her, because although her new stuff did earn her more popularity, it’s not the mindblowing, promising material she said it was going to be and it didn’t take her as far as she believed it will. However, there are rumors that her third album will sound more like “Love is Dead”. I’m quite excited myself. 

Anonymous said: Don't you think it's just a expression of herself feelings now? I completely understand your point of view, I agree with some points. But I think she got into a kind of minimalistic phase of her life and little things say a lot in this stage. I go trough this a lot, but it runs fast for me. I don't know if she's becoming "comercial" and you know her label SUCKS. She recently said she's getting rid of them...

Look, I didn’t say that like it’s something completly bad. People change and I understand if what you said is the case (it sure must be). It was just a statement that I made, comparing her to the person she used to be and what she’s grown up to be. Thanks for your response though.

Anonymous said: How has Kerli become everything she said she never would be? Just wondering im a new fan so im not really familiar with her older stuff

Unfortunately I can’t find the actual video where she’s talking about it. But basically what she’s said is that she didn’t want to become commercial, not in a way that she didn’t want to be noticed, but she didn’t want her music to sound “fitting” to what’s being sold the most and what’s on the radio. But if you’ve been following for a while her label’s and her own goal was to get her new songs on the radio, so her new album is all dance&trance now. Another thing she’s said about her music and music videos was that she wanted to make you feel something through them and that she didn’t want to sell through sex. Kerli mentioned in a video that she’d never go out on the stage and perform in a bra and underwear. And if you look at her recent performance photos, you see her barely dressed, looking all sexy. Not to mention the kiss with the girl in the “Zero Gravity” video. Not that I have anything against the “lesbian” kiss, but it’s obvious that this scene is there to bring attention. She just doesn’t make that much of a difference compared to other musical artists like Miley Cyrus anymore. You see, she’s trying to send a message, but in order to reach more people, she’s using methods she said she’d never fall back on. Anyway, the lyrics concept is still about love, peace, purity and equality, so as long as that’s there, I’m fine with her and there supporting her. That’s all I’ve got to say. Sorry if it doesn’t make much sense, it’s really late here and I’m tired. If I manage to find the videos, I’m gonna post them on here.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Everyone who has been a fan of Kerli for at least 4 years and seen her old vlogs/video chats knows that she became everything she swore she’d never be.

Friday, July 26, 2013

I had a dream that Kerli was pregnant omg